Roofing Repair in Reno, NV

It is possible that your roof may still be in a serviceable condition and only in need of repair no matter how big or small the damage may be.

At Scott Roofing in Reno, we strongly believe in community. We will give you an honest opinion about what your roof might need and how much longer it may last with a repair. A repair may not be needed, or if a roof is “beyond repair,” we will let you know. Roofs can be compared to tires. Sometimes it makes no sense to try to patch bald tires. At some point they need to be replaced. Often, repairing and maintaining your roof could add many years of serviceability to your roof. Scott Roofing has a dedicated and knowledgeable roofing repair crew.

Some roofing repairs must be looked at by an estimator, with proposals being sent out after the assessment. Other repairs can be authorized by the customer ahead of time, cutting down on turnaround time, and in most cases, cost. Ask our office personnel about our “Do and Bill” policy when you call, especially when time is of the essence. A member of our dependable repair crew will call you back to discuss your repair needs as quickly as possible.

Natural elements such as ice, wind and fire may cause damage or leaks that would make it necessary to repair or replace only portions of your roof.

Ice dams can be a problem in our area; typically, at the slightly higher elevations like Galena or Verdi, and most definitely up in Tahoe.  This condition, usually found at roof edges, can damage existing roofs and cause leaks. Scott Roofing’s repair crew is well versed in these issues and can perform the proper repairs, as well as add the necessary materials to help prevent any future problems.

Wind in our area is always constant, and larger wind storms often come along every 3 or 4 years. Higher wind speeds, associated with larger storms, can damage any roof coverings.  Scott Roofing can usually repair any type of wind damaged roof. We will also go the extra mile to find shingles or tiles that match your existing roofing, as close as possible. Most all of the new shingle roofs installed by Scott Roofing have high wind warranty specifications, making them a much more desirable option in our area.

In past years, we have seen fire ravage some of our hillsides and valleys and unfortunately claimed several homes. We have worked with homeowners, and restoration companies alike, to restore many of the affected homes and roofs in these areas.  As desirable as old wood shake roofs once were, in many areas they just do not seem to be as practical, and may not be allowed by current codes. Scott Roofing can still repair shakes roofs or offer beautiful, class A fire-rated shingles as suitable replacements.

Tile Roofs

Another important issue we have been addressing, in Northern Nevada, is faulty tile roofs. Due to the extreme temperatures in this region, it is important to use the proper materials to ensure the weather resistance of this type of roof. Many contractors in the past have used organic felts as an underlayment, which is no longer preferable in this climate. We have seen many tile roofs fail due to this practice because water often breaks through the tile penetrations and runs onto the underlayment and over time this damages the underlayment. Scott Roofing uses SBS rubberized underlayment with bituthane ice and water shield around all roof penetrations and potential problem areas, like valleys and chimneys. We cannot express enough the importance of the proper protective barrier between the tile and your home in the harsh conditions we often have in our area. Flashings are also very important to the integrity of all roofs, and especially with tile. We have often taken apart tiles roofs to find substandard flashing installation along with improper underlayment.